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Thanks out to You

My great friend, Becca, who has gone AMAZING places with her blog, gave me, little ol me, for getting her started on her AMAZING blog…but you’d never guess it based on my postings here lately. I do indeed have another blog, a family one, I’ve fallen behind on too, to simply be a mom. Motherhood is wonderful, as is being a career woman, and finding time for myself in all of that gets more challenging every year.

But I’m happy, really happy, to be where I am in my life, with my wonderful friends and family, even though I can’t post about it as much as I’d like.

I am thankful, truly thankful today, for everyone who is a part of my life. You are wonderful to me and make my days and life so great.


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Truth Be Told

Isn’t that a funny saying? Shouldn’t we just tell the truth anyway?

Well, here’s my truth lately. I am really feeling like I can’t keep with¬† reading the blogs I love to read and can’t even keep with with regular postings to the two blogs I have.

I have a family-focus blog where I usually post updates about my son and our family for our relatives who live far away, trying to post 2-3 times a week, and lately, I can’t keep those up. It needs to take priority, and I really need to focus there.

Work is really busy and I can’t seem to find moments to even jot down notes to blog about later. Later, my priority needs to be my family and then my own responsibilities for myself and our house, and I feel like I am falling¬† behind on those responsibilities. It may just be that time of year, or it may just be a time in my life that is harder to stay on top of.

In any case, truth be told, I may have to take a blogging hiatus from this blog for awhile, and from staying on top of my wonderful friends’ blogs. I’m so sorry if I can’t be “there” for your blog, but I am there in spirit and there for you in person.

I need to focus on my wonderful little boy, my husband, and myself for awhile. I’m sure I’ll be back soon or from time to time.


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Easter is ‘a comin’

So, after getting a great little Easter gift from my brother and sister-in-law yesterday, of eggs filled with chocolate and coins, and A Tisket, a Tasket book, along with an activity they played, I am beginning to think about Easter a little more and what I can do for my three-year-old.

Here he is with his gifts.

He is so into colors, matching, and even hatching! He’s been “hatching” the eggs this morning and looking at what’s inside. It’s great too, that he’s not even really interested in eating the candy as of yet!

As a child, we got a big chocolate bunny in our basket, then went to look for plastic and the eggs we dyed. We didn’t get much more in our basket, but I know more families do little gifts, like books or toys. Do you do that?

Did you dye eggs and hide those too? Is that sanitary to eat those eggs after sitting out overnight? Did your family make an Easter cake? (We never did, but it sounds cool!) My birthday is the week before, however, so would that be too much cake?

I’m looking for some great and fun ideas. I’m thinking maybe some Matchbox cars, craft supplies, ABC stickers, some healthy snacks (along with sweets too), and a rainbow theme to do some color matching. It will be a lot of fun this year and I’d love to hear some new ideas!

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Works For Me Wednesday: Scrapbook Planning

As I worked on a scrapbook page last night from my son’s birthday back in November,

I realized what my contribution could be to What Works For Me Wednesday!

I love to scrapbook, and while I might not be as good as a lot of people out there, as I keep it pretty simple, it is something I really want to find time to do for those special occasions in my son’s and our lives. Most recently, it was for his birthday and Halloween.

As a busy working mom, I try to organize the photos I want to scrap, along with any paper or stickers I want to include (even ticket stubs and so on), inside one of the plastic sleeves in my scrapbook, so that when the time comes and I have some time to sit down and do the pages, I am pretty much ready to go. It also helps to keep me focused and keep pages from piling up on me.

What do you do that helps you save time scrapbooking?

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What do you like to do on a day off?

I always struggle when I have a day off, even with my son.

Do I pack it with things I need to do? Do I plan all fun stuff and have a mini-vacation from home/in town?

Oh, the struggles of days off.

What I am learning most of all is that I think I’ll appreciate planning the fun stuff, the memorable stuff. I won’t remember the “to-do’s” that can get “to-done” another day, right?

That’s my tomorrow. I have some fun stuff planned, but grocery shopping and Target shopping are sitting on the burner too. Do I push them to the back burner for another day and just truly enjoy the day with my son? I would SOOOO love that, and at age three, it is soooo fun!

How do YOU decide?

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What I Learned This Week

Another week of learning. I guess that is good when one aspires to be a lifelong learner, right?

So, as I am two weeks away from being a bridesmaid in a wedding (only my second time), here are some things I’ve learned about that:

1. I think I’m spending more time thinking about my nails and accessories for my friend’s wedding than I did my own 8 years ago. (We did a simple, in the park, close friends and family thing.) Though stressful, it is kind of fun to have the excuse too.

2. I’m definitely spending more money dressing for, sleeping in a hotel for, attending parties for this wedding than my own. I even bought special undergarments for two different outfits for this wedding, and I sure didn’t for my own cute dress I wore for my wedding.

3. Preparing a “Here’s everything you need to know for 24-36 hours with our son” list, while we’re gone, will be an adventure.

4. I’m not sure if this will be a learning experience or not, but when a party says, “Wear your little black dress,” will people really be wearing their little black dresses or will they all show up in jeans, a cool shirt, and heels, and I’ll be overdressed?

5. Again, maybe not a learning experience yet, but could use advice, if getting a French mani/pedi done for a wedding, should you do gel wraps for both to protect and pay the extra price? I think what I’ll learn from that is that I’ll have to pay the extra $ to have it removed in the shop. Thoughts anyone?

Be sure to check out Julie’s post this week!


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Do You Have a Little Black Dress?

So, I’m one of those people who have NEVER owned a little black dress. I’ve always wanted one, and next weekend, a great friend of mine is having a bachelorette party, and that is the required attire. I’ve borrowed a few dresses from friends to try, to see if I can get by without buying one, but I’m also feeling the “Maybe this is my opportunity to try to find just the right one for myself,” urge.

So, Grandma is coming over to watch my son this morning, while Daddy is busy with some other plans, as I go on my search. I think I’d really like spaghetti straps, a halter style, or at the very least sleeveless, and it must fit well!

Do you have a little black dress, and what do you love about yours?


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