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Works for Me Wednesday-grocery flyers

One thing that really has been working for me is to take the Tuesday grocery flyers and a marker to the bathroom as my son takes his bath. After I’m done bathing him and he’s playing, I will take that marker and circle the best deals for the week in each flyer, then decide which of the two grocery stores I will visit that week, based on what sales they have.

I also read on someone else’s post, that they will start their list on the front of the flyer as well.

I have since created this grocery list/meal planning chart to help me shop at any store, no matter where the location of the items in the store.

meal planning

What kind of shortcuts do you have that help you?


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WFMW: Offering Choices to Preschoolers

I read sometime ago, how important it is to allow your children choices in their lives to help them feel like they at least have control over some part of their lives. This is also supported in a book I’m reading right now that a friend recommended:

I’m not receiving anything by supporting it, just wanted to share (that’s all legal, right?)

Anyhow, offering choices has really helped in our everyday goings on to make life a more pleasurable (and fun) experience. I’ve also read and heard that it helps later in life when they need to make bigger decisions.

As an educator, more and more I see this as an answer: IDK (I don’t know). What do you mean you don’t know? TRY! “Think of something!” I want to say, “even if the answer ends up being wrong, but you tried.” I’d like to help my son makes decisions and be able to think about the pros and cons of things.

Here are some examples throughout the day:

*Would you like apple or orange juice?

*Would you like Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Apple Crunchies?

*Would you like the blue or orange bowl?

*Which outfit would you like (offering two different ones)?

*Would you like these shoes or those?

*Would you like Mom to pack PB and J or get hot lunch?

*Would you like Dora or Diego (recorded on the DVR)?

*Would you like an orange or a red popsicle?

*Would you like this book or that one?

*Which book would you like Mom to read first?

What is funny is, sometimes he’ll say, “I wanna pick which one!” This works so well in situations where you, as a parent are okay with two different ways something can go. You’d obviously not want to offer a choice of something that isn’t okay with you.

Have you done anything like this, or do you have any special tricks for your preschoolers?

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WMFW: What’s your Grocery Budget?

My husband and I have always had a grocery budget in place. Some months I spend under it and some I spend over it, especially those months when I need to stock up on bigger items we’ve run out of. An example of that was at the end of January. We needed paper towels, soda, Lysol wipes, cereal, yogurt, all things that had coupons at Costco that month. Well many of those things will last us several months.

Is it fair to take it all out of January’s budget? My husband has suggested that I divide it out amongst upcoming months and it will just carry over and in a sense, be in that next month’s spending. I think it works pretty well for us.

What I’m challenged by lately is all this hype about people who spend so little week-by-week at the grocery store. Ex: “I spend $25.00 a week on my family of four!” So you listen, to find out more of course, and come to find out that in addition to the $25.00 that is spend weekly, they get items out of their stockpile they’ve accumulated in their pantry, garage, and/or freezer. Shouldn’t that count in your weekly spending then?

I don’t mean to sound mean, but where does one’s stockpile money come from then?

I am looking to find out averages that families spend on groceries per week or month, keeping in mind their stockpiles (including personal hygiene and cleaning products). I think our budget is high, but with the cost of food and taxes, it all adds up. I use coupons, I use ads, I do all I can to save, but would love to save any more.

What is your grocery budget, if you don’t mind sharing, keeping everything you use in mind?

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>WFMW: Weekends and Motivation


This past weekend I found myself highly motivated. That’s not far from my norm, but my motivation to do chores in the early morning was high. Minutes after my son got out of bed, I had my first load of laundry in the wash (I’d even prepped it the night before), and shortly after breakfast, I was already dusting. Sure, we had company coming later in the day, so of course I wanted the house clean, but I had a moment (yes,  a moment), where I thought, “I should do this every weekend, get the chores done early and have most of the rest of the day, or next day off.” I felt exhilarated by the idea, then realized that while I felt that way Saturday, I might not feel that way every Saturday.

What I realized that might just work instead, is to go with the flow each Saturday, and see where my motivation takes me. I often try to plan, plan, plan my moments, to get the most accomplished, when in actuality, sometimes the less I have planned, the more I actually get accomplished because I do things as I’m in the mood for them. I also find I seem to have more fun and am more in the moment, versus where I need to be going or what I need to be doing next.

Of course, while that feels like a revelation, and one I’d like to stick with, who knows if I’ll really follow through? I always love great ideas to start with, but don’t always continue with them.

How are you best motivated on weekends?

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>WFMW: To Do Lists for Weekends


Sure it is only Wednesday, but if you are like me, during the week you think of all kinds of things you need to catch up on on the weekend.

What has worked for me is to make a Weekend To-Do List, that is a general Sat./Sun. list that could get done any of the two days. It helps me keep track of those little things I need to remember, like mailing a birthday card, or taking a pair of pants back to the store that I didn’t like when I tried them on at home, and I can cross them off over the weekend.

I find it important to do this, as those little things just seem to slip on by. As well, my list is somewhat flexible, in that if it doesn’t get done that weekend, usually it can move onto the next weekend’s list. The list isn’t the normal “to-do’s” of each weekend, like laundry and things I’ll never forget about, but just the odds and ends.

What do you do to help you remember your to-do’s for the weekend?

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>WFMW: Looking Ahead


I’m a planner. You could definitely call me that.

I like to look ahead, plan ahead, and fill in my organizer.

One thing I have found that really works for me is to write those things on the side of my monthly calendar that I need to remember to do in an upcoming month, as a reminder.

For instance, as I turn the page to November, I see:
*Condition leather car seats
*Call and make dentist appt. for Feb.
*Make gift for Aunt Pat

It is really the only way I can remember some of these things, and by writing them down the month I need to do them, I can clear out my mind for more important, current events.

What works for you related to remembering dates?

For other great ideas, see We’re That Family.


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>WFMW: Lunch Break at Work


My lunchtimes at work are precious to me. I have found that sometimes this is my only quiet time in the day to think and organize things on my to-do list. Sometimes it is the only way to get “me time” too.

I close my office door and do any of the following, depending upon the day of the week, while I eat my lunch:

1. Write a blog post (doing that today)!
2. View coupons I might be able to use that week grocery shopping.
3. Send a much-needed and late email to a friend or family member.
4. Peruse other blogs I like to read.
5. Make my grocery list.
6. Write down my home to-do list.

Sometimes it is a little messy and I may get a little chip grease on my keyboard (oops), but it allows me to go back to work a little more focused and feeling like I accomplished something too.

When do you find those little snippets of time for to-do’s or things you like?

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